Welcome to Personal Health Freedom

Welcome to Healthicine and Personal Health Freedom.

Healthicine is the arts and sciences of health and healing.  In the site Healthicine.org, I explore the concepts and potential of studying healthicine.

Personal Health Freedom consists of this website, and a blog: Personal Health Freedom BLOG, and is dedicated to the concept that we cannot optimize our healthiness without freedoms to act. Everyone has a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of healthiness.

Personal Health Freedom is a concept that I am began exploring when I researched many so called ‘health freedom’ sites and found not one that was actually about health, and none about freedom. I have written several blog posts about the lack of ‘health freedom’ in sites calling themselves ‘health freedom’.

My in 2010 Health Freedom Survey.

My 2012 survey update: What is Health Freedom. 

During that time, I developed the Universal Declaration of Health Freedom.  Everyone has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of healthiness. In my research I noted that different authors of ‘freedom declarations’ were in agreement on the first two – life and liberty – but not in agreement on the third, so I set out to rectify the situation.

I also explored and learned the concept of healthicine. The word ‘health’ has been so mis-used by our medical profession and their ‘product paradigm‘, that use of the word health leads only to confusion.

The Personal Health Freedom blog has developed over time into a Facebook page – where you can LIKE us, this webpage, the site and blog Healthicine.org also with it’s own Facebook page where you can like Healthicine. It will continue to grow with your support.




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